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Adept I

23.9.2 and 23.9.3 drivers freezing my system.

On top of all the nonsense issues related to graphics card drivers I've been dealing with since April of last year, the most excruciating one still being the games freezing for a few seconds when tabbing into them at 240fps, the latest blunder by AMD's notoriously incompetent software department has my whole system freezing up for a solid 1-2 seconds randomly when browsing tabs on Firefox, and even getting good old drivers crashes when alt-tabbing from games.

I am at least relieved to know now that version 23.9.1 is the last serviceable one for my card, because, let's be real, things never get actually fixed around here.

I would love to shake hands with Lisa Su and personally congratulate her on having the most software team of all time, rivalled ony by razer.

I appreciate your continued efforts to make me never want to buy a radeon graphics card again.

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Journeyman III

Thank you... good thing that i found this thread, i was looking for like 2 days to find out whats going on with my PC. Randomly screen goes black or its very very slow. And i reinstalled Windows 11, ran Memtest for couple of hours, installed 23.9.2 before because i knew that i installed 23.9.3 and maybe thats the cause. And guess what, the other one is the same issue. And after i found your thread i installed 23.9.1 and everything works without an issue.

I think its my last AMD Product, i even bought AMD 7800X3D and AMD 6800 and everything, but guess what ... i get the feeling it was a mistake -.-. I came from Nvidia for 20 years - i only had one time the issue but it got fixed after 8 hours and an offical message that they found mistake and hotfix will come out soon - and here ? nothing


But thanks to that, i know what to avoid next time ....

same i was having geforce all my life try amd and after 4 months GPU dead get new one for free and then drivers destroyed my pc XD im not going to buy new amd gpu now 


It's very annoying. It must be a massive amount of time that has been wasted by us all over this. I use my PC for work and having the desktop freeze up as it does on 23.9.2 and 23.9.3 is just unviable.

Maybe AMD need to slow down a little on the driver release timeline because there needs to be more thorough user testing before release, clearly.  

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Journeyman III

Mother of god, the levels of whining over a bad driver. ROLL BACK TO A DRIVER THAT WORKED and wait. Absolute clowns.

The problem with that is that the image looks softer in games with the previous driver, 23.9.1 (at least in my rx 6700 xt) and MSI afterburner doesn't give GPU stats.

"ROLL BACK TO A DRIVER THAT WORKED and wait" Good one, are you stoned ? The problem is, with older Driver CS2 and Starfield doesnt work, only freezing and crashing - And Nvidia got already 2 more hotfixes ...

But good to know that peoples exist who are liking broken drivers - gtfo -.-

I literally just played both of those games on 23.9.1 lol. Both have been working just fine.

Still sucks the new drivers have these bugs, but it is what it is. Considering how different each of our PC's are, it shouldn't be surprising to see bugs. Would be impossible for AMD to test every combination of monitors, settings, and mixed hardware before each FW release. After all, we are basically beta testers for any new hardware and firmware that gets released.


Yes, people who paid 500 and 600 $ for a GPU they expect their drivers to not randomly crash. I have a 6800xt, a GPU that came out in 2020 and yet the latest driver still f'ed everything up. You can expect these problems on a fresh gpu but it seems that they fix 1 problem and create an other on every update.

You are a clown. The problem is so massive that should be official announcement. Show me official AMD information about rolling back drivers. Sometimes it is better to shut up before make yourself a jerk.


You are not too bright are you? Its been two drivers in a row now, man corporations must love you. 

Adept II

Same crazy they didnt fix this day one and they dont even tell you to go back to 23.9.1 you need to find everything alone and fix this yourself but hey you have AMD CARD that cost fortune or maybe not but still XD

Adept III

This thread might get closed in the future by AMD as they are consolidating the issues into one thread as seen below. You can keep updated on the issue here as well. 

Browser Freezing, Lock Ups and Black Screens when ... - AMD Community

Adept I

They conslidate the threads to sweep it under the carpet. People bought GPUs they cannot use for weeks. All they can do to bury the head in the sand. No official info, no advise, no help. People left on their own devices. Why there is no pinned topic with posiible solutions? You have to collect the breadcrumbs from different tables blindfolded.

Journeyman III

Is AMD driver team not making progress?
Every time a new driver comes out, we hesitate to install it.


Journeyman III

I can just agree with all of you, took me a lot of hazel before i understood this issue was just the AMD driver.  Its truly amazing that this very serious bug was not fixed for 23.9.3, bad enough it was there in one.  I guess it cant affect all cards right or else it would not have been missed? Is it maybe some combination of setup. I'm running the combo of a X570 Gigabyte mobo with 5900X CPU and a Radeon 6950XT.  I could rarely use any browser more than a few minutes before the computer hanged, well almost hanged it didn't by definition crash, but super super slow. mouse pointer move maybe once every twenty seconds or so.   Tried both 23.9.2 and  23.9.3 same issue, rolled back to 23.9.1 which solved it.   So I can just confirm what you all already said. 

 What I really do miss is the Pro Driver support for consumer cards, the last one for 6950xt is the 22Q4, that one was solid. 

Adept III

posted in another thread, but i am going to test the latest preview driver to see if the freezing bug is there. i shall post an update of my findings when i am done.


AMD enables Fluid Motion Frames support for Radeon RX 6000 series -

Hahaha hahaha, well that was quick, same issues with the preview drivers, heading back to 23.9.1 

Thanks! was about to do the same

Adept II

disable freesync


Disabling Freesync is not an option for me and cannot be the solution. Such gross errors with two updated drivers in a row are a no go and absolutely justified to criticize! This is honestly a shame for AMD

Until 6 months ago, I had a GTX 1070 for about 5 years. This has never happened with Nvidia with the hundreds of drivers that have been updated during that time. Now with my 6700xt i expect the new driver is buggy before every update. Resetting game settings in AMD Adrenalin every time is also quite annoying.
I contacted AMD weeks ago and of course received no response.

I stick with 23.9.1 for now and look at the thread before doing another "quick" update and then spending 20 minutes worrying about unnecessary things.


"disable freesync"

How about NO.

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please bring back 22.11.2 sleep issue fix into new version....

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Here with same problem.

For each new driver installed, I have to deactivate the ULPS on windows.

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Adept III

Update on the issue, and this is a strange one.

So is you scroll up on this thread, you will see that i tried the preview driver and the freezing still happened. as we know it is related to hardware acceleration and freesync from everyone input on the matter. Many have noticed (including myself) that turning off hardware acceleration in your chosen browser and/or freesync would stop the freezing (this is a work around, as one should not be turning off the features of their product to have it work). I have also noticed, sometime the freezing would happen immediately after the instalalltion or after around 24 hrs, which i think think some "setting" or condition must be met for it to trigger (which you will understand later why i think this) as not everyone who uses it experiences this issue.

now here is the strange part starts, i decided to reinstall the driver, thinking maybe something happens during the installation or there is a setting on my pc which is not cleared when reinstalling, i decided to target freesync as it is a global setting and is "managed" in three places (my monitor can switch on freesync, windows in the default graphics settings and in the adrenalin application) and the issue is not only see in the browser as i have reported freezing in the settings application.

After my first attempt with the preview driver, i used ddu to roll back to 23.9.1 (last driver without the issue). Then i switched off varriable refresh rate in the windows settings application and put it back on, trying to see if this would "reset" a migrated setting or something. Then i switched off freesync on my monitor (an ultrawide 144hz monitor), which would automatically switch off freesync in the adrenalin application and remove the variable refresh rate option in the windows settings app. Now preceeded to update to 23.9.3, then to the AFMF Preview driver for my RX6000 gpu without unistalling the previous drivers (just usingthe ones i manually downloaded a while back and hitting install).

After all this, did not see any freezing, no crashes, nothing, which is expected as freesync was still off, so i decided to switch it on on my monitor, which brough back the option in windows settings and switched it on in the adrenalin application. As i have stated before, sometimes it took just over 24 hours for the issue to manifest, but it has been over 48 hours and no issues, multiple restarts (shut downs and restarts) no problem. i have a youtube video playing a second window as i type this and not a single freeze or crash.

To conclude, I dont know if this is a fix, still to early to say, but given the preview driver is the latest driver with the latest version of adrenalin i shall stick to this and keep you all posted if it happens again (not to meting how AFMF was made and how it interacts with freesync and v-sync. If this is the "fix" then we know some how the freesync setting is the issue which has a knock-on effect on the hardware acceleration. So maybe try it and see if it works for you.


the steps i followed:

  1. DDU
  2. While offline (no internet connection), Install 23.9.1
  3. Ensure free sync is on (mon your monitor, windows settings and Adrenalin)
  4. Disable freesync on your monitor
  5. Update to 23.9.3
  6. Update to AMF Preview driver
  7. Restart, test to see if there is any freezing
  8. Enable Freesync in your monitor,
  9. see if freesync in adrenalin and windows settings are on 
Adept II

My pc freezes and crashes on windows boot swirl with 23.9.3

The best drivers for my 7900xtx is 23.5.2, best performance and best hotspot temp for my card

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