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Adept I

[19.12.2] Frame Rate Target Control option is missing

Hello, performed a clean install of  Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 edition yesterday, but I found out that FRTC option is missing in new control panel, only Chill is available. I asked other users on forums and all of them doesn't have FRTC option too on different cards.

So, is that a bug in new control panel or had it been removed?

Thx for your answer

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Adept II

Re: [19.12.2] Frame Rate Target Control option is missing

Hi there!

Same issue here, using a Gigabyte RX560 4GB OC and the driver though might seem pretty good, its lost the FRTC option. I play Just Cause 3 with the FRTC enabled at 45 fps or the game starts stuttering, as u know how unoptimized this game is. I can use chill, but it causes stutters and thats why used FRTC before. I just want FRTC back. This was a terrible move by AMD.

By the way, is RIS now available for all cards? My RX560 is getting the option to use RIS (Radeon Image Sharpening), though in the prev drivers I never got this option as the support started from RX570

Adept I

Re: [19.12.2] Frame Rate Target Control option is missing

Everything is missing, the release is a disaster, I discovered that the BEZEL CORRECTION controls for Eyefinity are missing (essential for my scientific work) - and various features just appear and disappear for no apparent reason or logic !

I disable all those toys like streaming and similar stuff, I use the suite in it's basic form and no...nothing is okay.

Will revert to the previous version until they fix this.

I hope I won't stumble upon any problems as I revert to the previous version this evening !

My workstations are stable and tweaked to the tiniest detail, they need to run PERFECTLY for weeks without a single restart (I'm not even gonna mention a CTD or a BSOD) - software as unfinished and buggy as this one can potentially do a lot of harm to my systems !

Journeyman III

Re: [19.12.2] Frame Rate Target Control option is missing

Developers have removed this option. I often used it. It was very convenient when playing old games. Radeon Chill caused stuttering and FRTC worked fine. Bring FRTC back!


Re: [19.12.2] Frame Rate Target Control option is missing

Global FRTC should be put back into the driver as soon as possible.
In practice it is still needed to limit FPS below top end of FreeSync range with Radeon Chill. Keyboard and rapid mouse movement are causing FPS to go > monitor FreeSync Range in Adrenalin 2020 19.12.2 on BF1 DX12 when I tested it today.
That results in screen tearing.

I do know that rapid mouse movement only FPS with Chill was supposed to be limited to Chill_Min since introduction of Adrenalin 2019 release. However that does not always work on all games or all releases. Again Global FRTC is need to limit frame rate to keep it below top end of FreeSync range.

I also looked at using Game Chill_Min = Chill_Max = 59, 74, 121 as an alternative to the missing Global FRTC on Tom Clancy's the Division 2 and BF1 using Adrenalin 2020 19.12.2.

The frame rate is not held at 59, 74, 121 but tend to hover around those values, deviating over or under by 4-5 FPS depending on the amount of keyboard and mouse input activity. That is hardly surprising to me given how Chill works.

The games are  to maintain >121 FPS with Chill off. when I tested these cases, so the frame rate deviation is nothing to do with GPU performace issues causing FPS variation. 

Global FRTC seemed to perform better than attempting to use Chill as a Frame Rate Limiter.

Another observation. Global Chill_Min and Global Chill_Max values do not seem to work at all in Adrenalin 2010 19.12.2.

Chill also has detrimental affect (severely reduces) keyboard only input FPS performance.
I do not like that.
I prefer a Global FRTC option that avoids the use of Chill if I want.

Global FRTC is also useful to save power when running Crossfire DX11.

So please put it back into the driver.


Re: [19.12.2] Frame Rate Target Control option is missing

According to AMD latest marketing about Radeon Chill here: 
They show Global Chill:

But for me, Global Chill is not working at all in Adrenalin 2020 19.12.2.

Game Chill Settings do work.

Here is the solution.
Remove those Global Chill options and replace them with Global FRTC.

They also have the following FAQ:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What API’s does AMD Radeon ™ Chill support?

Radeon Chill currently works for most titles using DirectX® 9, DirectX® 10, DirectX® 11, and DirectX® 12 7 and Vulkan®.

-> OK ....

2. Why are my UWP games not working for Radeon Chill?

UWP games are not supported for Radeon Chill.

-> OK ....

3. Does Radeon Chill work with Radeon FreeSync™ technology?

Radeon Chill is an excellent match with a Radeon FreeSync™ technology capable display.1

-> Erm ... not necessarily true. If FPS goes above top end of your FreeSync range because there is no FPS limiter with Chill, it breaks FreeSync.

Does Radeon Chill replace FRTC (Frame Rate Target Control)?

No. It currently does not, however Radeon Chill does have similar behavior for capping FPS at maximum limits when set per game.2

-> Erm no it does not. Chill_Max is NOT an FPS limit. What was happening was adjusting Chill _Max in the game profile was turning on Game Profile "Local"  FRTC.

Problem is if you set Chill_min at a low level to save any significant power then you have to set Chill_Max at a high value as possible to get reasonable keyboard only input FPS in Chill.

For example.
Chill_Min = 30 with Chill_Max = 300 will only give about 55FPS with keyboard only input in Chill, if for example you are using Shift +W held down to run in a game you will get 55 FPS.

You can  crazily tap a the W keyboard key to do a "Chill Chicken Walk" and the FPS might go as high as 60 FPS.

Since you need to set Chill_Max to  300 then Local FRTC was turned on and was set to 300 as well.

FPS limiter with Local FRTC set to 300 can cause screen tearing unless your top end of freeSync Range is > 300. 

if you run around and waggle the mouse, then FPS shoots up towards 300 FPS.

4. Do I have to enable Radeon Chill for games that are supported?

No. Radeon Chill is a completely optional feature with toggles for both enabling the feature globally as well as per game.

-> I do not understand that one at all.

5. What is the RTS /MOBA Radeon Chill option for?

This option should be used with RTS/MOBA games to enhance the Radeon Chill experience.

-> I do not understand that one at all.


Re: [19.12.2] Frame Rate Target Control option is missing

RE: Since you need to set Chill_Max to  300 then Local FRTC was turned on and was set to 300 as well.

The workaround to have a Global Frame Rate Cap in Chill in Adrenalin 2019 (19.12.1 shown)  and have maximum power saving and highest  possible keyboard only input FPS is achieved as follows:

Determine the top end of the monitor freesyc range as follows using the Display Tab hover over the FreeSync Menu and a popup will appear with the information:


In this case the top end of the monitor FreeSync range is 75Hz, so FPS should be limited to 1 FPS less than 75 = 74 FPS to guarantee no screen tearing issues. 

2. Go to the Primary GPU Global Settings Tab and set Global Frame Rate Target Control to 74.


3. Go to the Profile Grphics Tab (in this example for Battlefield1).


Turn on Chill and make sure you keep Profile Frame Rate Target  Control turned off.


Note in the above example, with Chill_Min = 30 and Chill_Max = 74 the keyboard only input FPS (when running with Shift + W held down for example.) will be really low (~47FPS)  in game because Chill_Max is a scaling factor, NOT, and FPS Limit.

Therefore to increase  keyboard only input FPS to its maximum value you need to increase Chill_Max as shown:


Now lets look at the value of the Profile Graphics Frame Rate Target Control when I switch it on.


You can see it immediately matches the Chill_Max setting of 300.

Swapping back to look at the Global Graphics FRTC you can see it is:

Still set to the desired and required value of 74 FPS.

Returning to the Global Profile for BF1:


If I reduce Chill_Max to 250 the Profile Graphics FRTC value is automatically changed to 250.


You need to set the requied value of Chill_Min = 30, Chill_Max = 300 and turn off Profile Graphics FRTC before launching the game to ensure that the Global Graphics FRTC value of 74 is honored to limit the maximun FPS in game to 74 FPS.

You can now launch the game.


Note one the above has been set up, do not use the Radeon Overlay in Game to change Chill_Max because that turns on the Game Profile FRTC which will match the Chill_Max value and override the Global FRTC in game.

I have submitted many AMD reporting forms about this issue for years now and it has never been fixed.
Now in Adrenalin 2020 19.12.2, Global FRTC is just removed with no warning or request for user feedback at all.

Adept III

Re: [19.12.2] Frame Rate Target Control option is missing

FRTC has been one of the key features of Radeon Settings for me over many years and AMD graphics cards. It was a major feature for me swapping from nVidia to AMD back when I purchased my RX480 in 2016 and for me sticking with AMD ever since. If it has been dropped for 19.12.2 and future versions moving forward, I will be really upset. I have reverted back to 19.11.2 so that I can have it. Please AMD don't remove it as it is a really good feature. 


Re: [19.12.2] Frame Rate Target Control option is missing

Journeyman III

Re: [19.12.2] Frame Rate Target Control option is missing

The only workaround for me is to use freesync with vsync as supposed by amd itself for freesync displays or third party apps like RivaTuner to cap the frame limit.

Hope I may help someone.