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    Call Stack Sampling Problem


      I am trying to use Call Stack Sampling in order to find out which code calls a function that timer based profiling reports as very performance intense. I followed the step by step guide in the help file that shows how to do Call Stack Sampling. When I look at the CSS tab, it shows a list of all modules that my app uses (so kernel32.dll, user32.dll, ...and finally my .exe file). Unfortunately, Self, Children and Total are != 0 only for the dlls that are used by my app - so Self,Children and Total is zero for my app and thus I get absolutely no information on my app. What am I doing wrong?

      Thanks alot in advance
        • Call Stack Sampling Problem
          I have also spent hours with exactly the same problem. I have tried with different build options, and with completely different programs, but with the same result - only the called modules are showing CSS data. No matter what I try, the main program, which is very processor intensive, shows 0, 0, 0.

          Thanks to anyone who can offer a glimmer of hope in this matter.
          • Call Stack Sampling Problem
            Oh wow someone else with my problem - I am tempted to blame CodeAnalyst bug or something for this but I have now also tried Intels VTune and it shows exactly the same problem. Even though it does not seem likely, I guess it is still related to the project options :-\ Still havent found out which ones though
              • Call Stack Sampling Problem

                I, too, am having the same problem. Anyone know of any developments?

                  • Call Stack Sampling Problem

                    Same here. It looks like the call stack sampling does not work at all and CodeAnalyst is useless without it.

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                        It may be related to the call-stack depth.  The default is 10 levels, but if the sample occurs more than 10 function calls deep, then the original application won't be in the list.  Tracing the stack backwards during the profile is intrusive, but you may need to increase the "Call stack unwind level" in the session settings dialog to get more information. 

                        I hope this helps.

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                            It works for me, although there doesn't seem to be a way of aggregating sample counts across DLL boundaries.  But I have only tinkered with it and I could be missing something.

                            • Call Stack Sampling Problem

                              Same problem here :

                              Call stack unwind level : 72 (max)

                              Call stack interval : 1

                              Timer interval set to 0.1 ms

                              I run my app for several seconds, collect hundreds of Mb of data, but the "Children" column is still 0 for my app (although > 10k for other .dlls)

                              Running the 2.94.718 version.


                              Here is a dump of my system info :


                              Vendor: Intel, Family: Pentium III Processor
                              Family 6 Model 7 Stepping 10
                              Approximate core frequency is 2527 MHz
                              Onboard local APIC detected.
                              2 Processors Installed

                              Computer Name: XXXXXXXXX
                              Windows XP Version 5.1 Build 2600
                              Service Pack 3

                              Percentage of Memory is in use: 51
                              Total physical memory: 2025428 KB
                              Free physical memory: 973076 KB
                              Total size of paging file : 3962732 KB
                              Free size of paging file: 2933592 KB
                              Total virtual memory: 2097024 KB
                              Free virtual memory: 2029756 KB

                              Screen display: 1680 X 1050 pixels