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GDDR5 VRAM bandwidth test - poclmembench

Question asked by assiduous on Aug 21, 2020



I'm interested to get some comparison points from the community on their poclmembench scores (GitHub - kruzer/poclmembench: calculates your gpu memory speed ).


My R9 270 incorporates 2GB of Epilda W2032BBBG 6A-F GDDR5 and achieves:


148.8 GB/s @ 925/1375 MHz 777133200000000029BD472A60550C0F231D87030044840022AA1C085C0B14204A8900A000000120110D20234A1D2411


170.3 GB/s @ 1050/1575 MHz



180.4 GB/s @ 1200/1625 MHz



I'd like to see some scores from other Pitcairn, Tonga and Polaris users (7870, R9 270/370/285/380, RX 470/480/570/580), noting memory type, whether the memory timings are stock or modified, and what clocks are used. I've seen scores for Polaris but not other Pitcairn and Tonga based GPUs.


Happy to take comments and suggestions re: Epilda GDDR5 custom timings.