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RDNA2, RDNA Refresh, and "Big Navi" Launch and Reviews.

Question asked by colesdav on Jul 31, 2020
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RDNA2, RDNA Refresh, and "Big Navi" Launch and Reviews.


It looks like it will not be long before real information will start to get released about RDNA2 and "Big Navi". 


I am opening this thread to capture information about RDNA2, RDNA Refresh, and Big Navi Launch and Reviews.


I will only include information such as:


Benchmarks or Reviews of XBOX Series X and PS5 which include "RDNA2" GPU.


Information released by AMD on RDNA2 and Big Navi.


Information about any "RDNA Refresh" of the RX5000 series GPUs.


Benchmark data from AMD and YouTube Benchmarks and Reviews.


I will be watching out for the information and reading reviews anyhow so I will post data here if I see it.


If anyone has useful data such as described above then can you please add information here?


Please avoid wild speculations from "Tech YouTubers" who seem to make outrageous performance improvement claims based on "rumours" from "reliable leakers".


They often seem to yoyo their conclusions on a weekly basis just to get better viewing numbers or deny their predictions were complete rubbish when they get it wrong, and huff about it.