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RX 5700xt crashing/freezing

Question asked by mmikko_ on Jun 24, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2020 by notflawless

Recently built a new computer and decided with an RX 5700XT as RTX 2070 Super was more difficult to get for me and the extra $100 CAD wasn't worth ray tracing or the near identical performance in the games I'd be playing at 1080p.

-Basically I have had lots of trouble getting this GPU to work properly without crashing my computer or recently its been only freezing and I feel there's nothing more I can do. Also I have only had this computer for little over 3 weeks on a clean windows install.


My specs:

CPU: R5 3600(non X)

Mobo: Asus X570-P

RAM: G Skill 2x 8GB 3600MHz 16CL (Used DOCP in BIOS to achieve 3600MHz)

GPU: Gigabyte Radeon RX 5700 XT 8 GB AORUS Video Card

SSD: 1TB Sabrent Rocket NVMe 

PSU: Corsair CV 650 80+ Bronze

Monitors: DisPort Acer XF240H(Primary) & HDMI Acer P206HL(Secondary)


*All temps are Celsius*


-I've tried numerous "solutions" that have seemed to work for other people or just things with my knowledge that are red flags to crashing or caused errors in Event Viewer that I knew how to deal with myself.

-I have in the past few days of my troubleshooting and "fixing" caused my computer to stop full on crashing during a game but now it simply freezes it will still play any audio like that of the game or spotify/youtube but the screen will keep displaying the screen it froze on for at least 5 minutes as I've not waited any longer before restarting.

-My temps seem okay, GPU temp on Adrenalin and HWMonitor Idle at 49(lowest I've seen)-56(highest I've seen) and during gaming anywhere from 64-high 70s maybe low 80's, haven't seen anything really above 80 lately. Junction/Hotspot temps are about the same as GPU idle but reach 85-110(not 110 as often since new case fans) during load

-CPU Temps haven't reached anything higher than low 80's since new fans as well

-Wattage during freezing is normally quite low(80-160W) not often anywhere near the 225W the GPU is said to max at and 650W should be more than enough


Things I've done/tried: 

- DUU'd drivers, fresh install (Not turning on gaming mode said casual or custom)(Multiple times)

- BIOS Updated to latest

- Chipset Drivers updated(2x)

- Fixed all things causing errors in Event Viewer (ATI External Events Utility, Headset driver that caused errors)

- Windows Update

- Set PCI to Gen 3

- Set High performance modes

- Re-seating GPU
- No Hardware Acceleration (Discord, Google, & Spotify)

- Checking drives for corruption

- Graphics settings in Adrenalin

      - Anti-lag OFF

      - Chill OFF

      - Boost OFF

      - Img. Sharpening OFF

      - Enhanced Sync OFF

- Freesync OFF


Games I've played so far(All 1080p):

- Divinity Original Sin 2: Definitive Edition (Max settings) (Freezes very frequently)

- Rainbow 6 (Low sett.) (Freezes as well)

- The Witcher 3(Max) (Hav en't spent an hour in one run so far but no freezing)

- Monster Hunter World (Max) (Been a while since played(before troubleshooting) it was the first game to crash)

- Minecraft w/ Shaders (No freezing(Little GPU usage))


There's probably more but I will be open to suggestion if there's more or might've been something I overlooked. Regardless if none of this works I'm posting this in hopes that not only I find a solution for myself but things that I've tried may be the answer for others.

I am iffy with messing with tuning, under volting and fan curves as I want to keep my warranty intact as a last resort if I can't fix it but I very much don't want to have to resort to a warranty.

 *At some points Event Viewer would show "Fatal hardware error has occurred"