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Adept I

6800XT Red Devil Issues, Think it's time for an RMA

Hello Everyone,

The card is a little over a month old and it replaced my 1080TI (never had a single problem with old faithful)

I manually set the fan to 65% as ambient  temp in this room is between 62-66

 I’m on a Dimastech EasyV3 open bench, so cooling etc is not an issue, as I have airflow over the board.

Due to my schedule, I haven’t had the time to spend much time gaming, so when I started, this is what happened:

I’ve only played NFS:Heat up to this point, which runs great, other than random frame drops (2560x1440)

The new DLC came out for Doom Eternal, so it was time to give it a shot……

The game loads up to the landing screen, will freeze, and then I’ll get the “AMD Bug Report Tool: We detected a driver timeout……….”

Repaired the game, rebooted, same result, uninstalled and reinstalled rebooted, same result

BL3, same results as above using the same methods

Dirt 5, same exact results using the exact methods as above

Using the latest drivers, I decided to run the stress test.

I set it for 60 seconds, it made it about 27 seconds, before the Bug report tool driver time out dialog box comes up

What was interesting, you see the seconds counting up, would skip numbers and studder, clocks would go down to single digits then fire back up to 2300’ish, then drop back into single digits, quite bizarre

I’m also receiving

My final effort, Installed a fresh copy of Windows on a different SSD and the exact same issues occurred............

Anyone else experience this an have to RMA their 68/6900?

I’m also seeing this message in the AMD control panel half the time it crashes:

”Default Radeon WattMan settings has been restored due to unexpected system failure”

Troubleshooting steps I've taken

· Re-seat GPU

· Re-seat Ram

· Change PCIe lane from between gen 4 and gen 3

· Used DDU installed the past 3 sets of drivers

· Re-seated All psu cables (yes I’m using two pci-e cables for the card)


System Specs

· CPU- 3900X

· GPU-Red Devil 6800XT

· MOBO- X570 Aorus Master

· RAM- 32GB GSkill Ripjaw

· Storage- 1TB Samsung 860

· PSU- Seasonic Prime Platinum 1200

· Win 10 64

· Version 19042.870

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hi ,

what is your ram frequency / timings ?

do you have bluetooth headset connected ?

did you check temps ?

i had to rma a 6800xt , but it was artefacting at idle, indicating hardware problem in most of cases , that's different, your problem can come from other software interfering or something not uptodate for example, or bad settings in bios ...

i had this kind of problem when my bluetooth headset was connected (using audio output solved all my driver timeout, so not related to amd drivers , but a combination of software that makes it crash)


Thanks Miniboss,

Timings are 14-14-14-34  

No Bluetooth

 Nothing overclocked

Card temps never surpassed 46 while playing the only game I can, nfs:heat

i also did a fresh install of windows on another ssd and received the same response




what is the frequency of ram you're running with this timings ?




ok , did you try to deactivate xmp ?


I did, just to humor myself, and the same response



ok, is your motherboard bios uptodate ?


Yes, as well as my drivers


well ... out of ideas for now... checked other stress software like 3d mark ?

Adept II

I am having the same problem. And also the Red Devil is only 6900 XT. And also games and 3Dmark crash with an error.

I don't know what else can be done. (


Hi VValdemar,

I was advised to try 20.2.2 drivers and if that doesn’t resolve, then to rma.

This advice was given based on my system specs and what I have done thus far troubleshooting.

Also post your issues on the Devils Club forums

Hi, @Fl1nch ! Can this version really help? It seems there is no support for cards on RDNA2... I have not yet given up hope for a solution to the problem. It seems that for some users the video card works stably.


Not sure, I haven’t had the time to try that version yet.

Post on Powercolors devil club site as well