RX480 | Artifacts in CoD: Warzone

Discussion created by toshkageradot on Jun 2, 2020

Faced with the fact that some artifacts began to appear in the game. Somewhere a couple of weeks ago it looked like this: red and blue pixels appeared all over the screen with different frequencies and densities. Now it looks like the appearance of some blue spots or repainting some elements of the game in blue (a video example is attached; if it doesn’t play here, you can watch the example on YouTube). The pattern of occurrence of artifacts is not identified.

I have RX480 with 4 GB VRAM. The version of the video driver was 20.4.1 when it first appeared. Updated to 20.4.2 - did not help. The key point is that no artifacts were noticed in any program in the operating system or in any other game! And now I have a question: is it a video driver problem or a poor warzone optimization for a given video card / driver?