Ryzen Master will not reset

Discussion created by awilliamson on May 29, 2020

Ryzen 5 1600

Gigabyte AX370-Gaming-CF


So, I have been trying to resolve this issue for probably a week now. I was overclocking in ryzen master and everything was fine. My PC started to run hotter (as expected) but too much for my liking. I decide to start over and reset back to default settings. Long story short after countless ryzen master resets it does nothing. I have cleared CMOS, updated BIOS, Even went from earliest BIOS to each update step by step. I have tried changing values in the BIOS hoping it will change the over clock, It will change the lowest value but when boosted it goes to the overclock settings from ryzen master. I have even installed Revo Uninstaller in hopes it was files left behind. After uninstalling/deleting every folder/program related to ryzen master I still cannot reset to default settings. I have been reading multiple forums/places that people are having this exact same problem. I would just like to go back to default. I went into BIOS set values to 3.1mhz. No more than after 1 min of starting the pc it goes straight back to 3.4 and a max of 3.7. I don't even understand where the 3.4mhz minimal is coming from.

I have attached a screenshot in hopes it may help make some sense of this from HWMonitor.