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With UEFI set to stock, voltages being applied to my R5-3600 are as high as 1.45 volts.

Question asked by skycyclepilot on May 20, 2020
Latest reply on May 21, 2020 by skycyclepilot

I have an R5-3600 on an X370 motherboard.  It works exactly as it should.  But, at times the CPU is being hit with voltages as high as 1.45 volts, which is well beyond what AMD says is safe.  I'm wondering if AMD is pushing these chips this hard, just to get every last bit of performance out of them that they can, without regards to longevity.  The designers of the architecture say 1.30 volts should be the max.


Might our CPUs last longer if we set the voltage to the standard 1.10v, which an offset of 0.2v, for a maximum of 1.30 volts, and then set the frequency to the maximum those voltage settings would allow - probably 4.10 to 4.30 GHz?


I'd love to hear what others think, and what AMD has to say about this.