Ryzen 1700 Incorrect system clock and unable to change it

Discussion created by michaels2020 on Mar 17, 2020

Hello All,


I have the exactly issue as the issue report in the MSI forum. It has been ruled the motherboard/CMOS battery issue. 


B350 Mortar - Incorrect system clock 



My current BIOS system date is 07/17/2020. When I change the month to 3, it jumps to 7(after Enter). If I change to 4 it jumps to 8. Whatever month I set as Date it adds +4. This giving me all kind of time issue in Windows.  Any helps? I had the issue when I built the PC about 2 years ago. Thanks


Edit:  MSI X370. I have updated BIOS to latest a few times. Changed CMOS battery. But nothing helped.