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Rx5700xt  spontaneous reboot

Question asked by overkillah on Mar 17, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2020 by synner

After the latest driver solved 1 of my problem  ( black screen)  I still have random reboot at idle   sometimes it happen after i close the game and went to desktop   other time  when idle for les then 5 min it auto reboot while on desktop . but if im let say still using the pc it doesnt go to reboot  this only happens on idle . i have switch off everything  which let it go to screen saver  but it doesnt work.  i have updated windows and mobo drivers    it still occurred. 

Also  lately when i play the game Division 2   its random crash freeze the whole screen and nothing happend.

I tried to popup  task management ( to kill the game only) it wont show. the only thing  i can do is choose reboot the whole system .

i got this whole unit last year november and since the beginning i got all this problem . 

After years i thought let go back to AMD ( whole unit is AMD)  

I only have problems with it.

I do have patient  but there is a limit. don't let us down .

Please fix the problem asap