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Ryzen5-2600 new build EDC 99% all time using mouse on desktop

Question asked by casper40 on Mar 4, 2020
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I hope someone can help please..


I have a new ryzen 2600 and the system seems to lag, most noticeable with mouse movement 

I installed ryzen master and the tab EDC (CPU) is constantly red while I use the mouse - 99% of 90A.  I have played games but I get system lag spikes even though my fps seems high.


When I stop moving the cursor the value of EDC lowers slightly into the greeen but randomly rises to 99% again every few seconds, the cores drop to 2000ish then start to rise again.


I have no idea whats going on


Motherboard gigabyte A320M-S2H  latest bios version = F50

Ryzen 2600

Asus GTX 1650 phoenix series

16 Gb ram  XPG gammix D10 x2 8GB

PSU 450w (XFX PRO 450)

mouse steel series rival 110


I have re-installed window 3 times and tried all sorts of driver installation order.


Can someone explain whats going on with the EDC value please?