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Journeyman III

3950 high temperature + other problems

Hello everyone,

I'm having issues with my new 3950 x and overall new build, and I was hoping someone could help.

I built a new PC using some old parts.


3950x Ryzen

ASrock x570 Taichi

_Semi-New (2 weeks in previous build) Zotac 2070 Super

Reused from a 2016 Build:

32gb (4x8) Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3000mHz

Corsair H60

Corsair 650W CS Series

Currently my CPU sits around 45-60C idle, 90-95C rendering RT on 3DS Max/Cinebench R20. After RT rendering for 30-40min the system became very unstable, it shut down itself without bluescreens or other. I restarted and after 5-10 minutes of usage (not all that rendering) it became very unstable and decided to shut down.

It didn't recognise the memory speed correctly and then enabled the XMP profile. Computer crashed, and wouldn't boot correctly. It gave 3 beeps, twice and then shut off. Disengaged 2 of the ram card, deactivated the XMP profile and it then recognised the 3000mHz.

I wanted to update BIOS, but as it doesn't have a proper usb slot and I don't have an adapter, I haven't yet. I also wanted to wait until hearing from someone.

I have currently ordered a new set of RAM memory listed in the QVL list of my MB, as my older ones aren't listed. I was also thinking of changing my cooler and updating BIOS. The computer was put together in a (normal) PC shop, and I have never changed major parts (only RAM, HDD and GPU).

Thanks in advance!

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Adept II

I'm not familiar with your motherboard. From a quick perusal of its specs, there shouldn't be any issues - at least running "close to stock" configs.

1. Make sure you're running the latest BIOS. Early X570 BIOS from AMD were awful and had numerous idle and voltage related issues, causing high temperature in the CPU. Newer BIOS versions also solved some incompatibilities with RAM. I consider this priority #1 with a bullet.

2. Corsair memory, from my experience, is excellent. You should be able to run it using the stock XMP values without issue, even though your particular SKU isn't on the QVL. There are so many variants that it's infeasible for them all to make it. Test again after updating the BIOS, using the XMP settings...

3. You may not have enough cooling to handle the 3950x at full throttle, especially if it's been running for 4 years in your previous build. You probably need a minimum of 240 or 280mm AIO to keep it happy at full throttle, but even with your existing cooling (assuming there's still water in the thing and the pump/fans are moving it), your post-BIOS upgrade idle temperature should lie in the 3x-4x degree range, depending on ambient and number of background tasks/services operational.

Let us know how things proceed after the BIOS update, but be sure to do that ASAP.


Temperature is due to the Corsair H60 not being powerful enough for your processor, it's an entry level cooler and the 3950X is an enthusiast/prosumer class processor. The list of recommended coolers by AMD can be found at

As for memory, the new modules you ordered which are on the QVL list will solve it.

Journeyman III

Thanks a lot for your answers.

I updated my BIOS and realised that the AIO wasn't set right, the radiator was places in a weird way. Also, I've ordered a new cooling system because temperatures are still 45-50º idle.