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How I seem to have fixed "driver_power_state_failure" BSOD

Question asked by dru on Feb 3, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2020 by ziplock9000

Win 10 pro
3700x (never OC'd or tampered with)
G.Skill 16gb (still on stock settings)
samsung ssd pro 256gb
AMD Radeon RX 5700xt (never tampered with...stock settings)
Driver version 26.20.15015.1007
Driver date 1/17/2020


Below were three things that were driving me crazy that 'seem' to have been fixed by turning off all AMD related services and scheduled tasks (within CCleaner).
FYI...I shut down my PC at night by holding down the Power button. Why? see section 3 below.

1: For about 5 or 10 minutes after booting up the PC my Mouse cursor movement would be jerky; eventually it would go away.

2: Playing a video on Netflix (or YouTube etc etc) would also be a jerky/studdery mess for the first 5 or 10 minutes. It would also smooth out eventually.

3: My PC would intermittently refuse to shut down or re-start. If I just let it TRY to re-start I would eventually get a BSOD saying "driver_power_state_failure". This was a problem because it meant that...

One ... I couldn't enter Safe Mode to clean install the GPU driver because the PC needs to restart.

Two ... I couldn't ReSet or Restore Windows because the PC needs to restart.

After googling "driver_power_state_failure" I tried every "fix" but nothing worked.
Then I tried the 'Factory Reset' option within AMD Settings...didn't work.

Big problem...I was tempted to reformat the SSD and re-install Win10 from scratch, but then...

I decided to turn off all AMD related services and scheduled tasks (within CCleaner).
This seems to have fixed the problems.

I don't see any difference in how Adrenalin functions

Also, the PC shuts down in just a few seconds.


Just thought I would share this in case it helps someone else, and maybe AMD will look into why these Windows Services and Scheduled Tasks are causing "driver_power_state_failure" BSOD's