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Journeyman III

DxCache folder in the wrong place lading to unplayable Destiny 2 experience. Can I somehow change the defalt path to the cache?

Someone know how to get the default path for DxCache folder to the right directory?

I have it in C:/AMD/DxCache

Most people I saw without any issues have it in appdata/local/AMD/DxCache

Could it cause Destiny to create only 64KB cache files? Every other game works fine. If I swap my 5700xt for a 1070 it works fine.

I have already tried to force the CacheShader option to "on" with the registry entry set to 32 00 and it din't help.

Thanks for any help!

Ryzen 5 2600
RX 5700XT
AsRock B450m PRO4
16GB HyperX 2666MHz
550w EVGA b3
256GB NVMe SSD with system
512GB SSD for the games

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Volunteer Moderator

Did you use the default location or did you change it?


Everything was default. Reinstalled windows 3x. Reinstalled the drivers like a 100x even different versions. (Ofc with DDU and Amd cleanup)

I solved it by installing the gam on C drive and for some reason it generates the cache file normaly now??? But it takes up so much space there.