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VSR not working in Fortnite

Question asked by sirzes on Jan 24, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2020 by sirzes

Hi, so I'm trying to use VSR on my games to see how well they perform with different resolutions. However, I cant get VSR to work in Fortnite. It will display the option of being able to use 2160p but when I select it either says that it's on (which it is not because I see no difference in performance). However, when I change the game resolution in the game files and try boot up Fortnite the resolution will change to 4k. I know this because of the windows watermark shrinks and the early access logo in the top right shrinks also. but when I'm approaching the select a game mode screen the game resolution reverts back to 1080p and I have even worse quality graphics. does anyone know a fix for this?


Also got video footage of this on my YT channel please check =>Fortnite VSR Issue - YouTube 


And here is the footage of my driver settings for this game


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