GPU Fan Tuning problems

Discussion created by makkara on Dec 28, 2019
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Sapphire 5700 XT Pulse

Windows 10


Note: Fan is controlled with junction / hot spot temperature.


Problem 1: GUI shows fan "curve", but in reality it does not change fan speed between steps. Yellow line is how it really adjusts the fan speed.

Going step up increases the fan speed fast and going step down decreases the fan speed slowly.


Fan "curve"


Problem 2: This might be graphics card problem. Set fan speed and reported fan speed are different. Setting fan speed to 10% makes it 15% reported by HWiNFO64. Set 40% is ~50% and set 45% is ~60%.


MSI Afterburner fan curve is also broken because it stops increasing fan speed even when the curve says so. Other times it seems to be completely haywire and cant adjust the fan at all.



Problem 3: After restart GPU fan is stopped in low temps when it should spin constantly, min 10-15%.

=Tuning settings are not applied after reboot / sleep.


Temporary solution: In fan tuning apply any fan curve value or load profile.