Issues i have with Adrenaline 2020 (Overlay, Fan, Settings)

Discussion created by makkara on Dec 16, 2019
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My system:


5700 XT

Win 10

AOC AG322QCX (32", 144 Hz, VA, Samsung panel, Freesync 1)



  • Freesync = ON
  • Image sharpening = ON
  • Other = OFF


Issue 1:

Radeon software overlay wont work when game is started (red mark top left is missing). When trying to use the "instant replay" feature with hotkey, pop up appears saying the feature is off (its enabled in settings).


Temp solution:

After trying to use Instant replay / GIF or in-game replay and getting the message saying the feature is turned off (when its really ON). Relaunch the game and the overlay and its features are now working.

E: Tab out and in from the game works too.


Issue 2:

After getting the overlay to work the monitor now flickers constantly. Before without the overlay the monitor was stable. In-game the FPS is capped at 120 and does not go down. The monitor flickers even when the game image is not moving. Flicker frequency is about 3-5 Hz. By flicker i mean brightness of the screen goes down by small amount and goes back up.


Temp solution:

  • Dont use Freesync
  • Dont "fix" the overlay
  • Use previous 2019 driver


This was tested on game "Crossout" (DX11, Steam).


Issue 3??: Enabling "Enhanced Sync" crashes game "Factorio" and "Radeon Software", possibly other games too.


Issue 4: Fan problems: GPU Fan Tuning problems , Tuning settings dont apply after reboot / sleep and other problems.