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Adrenalin 2020 - Can't output 4k@60hz

Question asked by bitfunk on Dec 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2020 by vboring

So, I'm currently running the 19.9.2 driver with no issues whatsoever. My current link speed is 5.4gbpsx4 which is enough to do 4k@60hz with 8bpc. However, when I update to any new driver that AMD offers(Including their new 2020 edition driver) my link speed is halved to 2.7gbpsx4, which is not enough for 4k@60hz. I'm also using a Club3d DP 1.4 to HDMI 2.0 adapter which connects into a HDMI2.0 port on my Samsung TV. Does anyone know why this is happening?
EDIT: Just to add. When I update my drivers and go into Win10 display settings, I'll set the desktop resolution to 3860x2160 and then go into advanced display settings where it has the active signal/desktop resolution listed as being 4096x2160, which is obviously not what I selected.
System Config:

Mobo: ASUS sabretooth z170 mark1
BIOS ver: 113-C8800100-101
Driver: Adrenaline 2019 19.9.2(WHQL)
Memory: 32gb ddr4
OS version: Win 10 x64 18362.476
Steps to reproduce: Just installing a driver later than 19.9.2 seems to cause the issue.
Expected behavior: The monitor runs at 4k@60hz.
Actual behavior: The monitor runs at 4k@30hz with a slower link speed being displayed in AMD settings.