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[RX 5700 XT][19.9.2+] Apps that crash or freeze the graphics card

Question asked by alexander33 on Dec 9, 2019
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TL;DR: last 3 days I've been uninstalling apps that crash the GPU so I can actually use the PC more than 2 minutes.

Currently at 40mins - 4hrs between BSODs.


LD: In the past 3 days I have experienced the worst kind of freezing, BSODs and general lack of functionality from my graphics card, symptoms so worse that I had to test each and every component just to realize that all the faults are from AMDs lack of professionals regarding the software department. The issues started since I got the GPU, from around 19.8.1 and got impossible to bear anymore at 19.9.2.

(What is this crap AMD? Bethesda partnered with you to release of Fallout76 Radeon Settings?)



My first step was to uninstall the driver with DDU and install only and only the driver, no radeon settings, no crash wizard, no auto update, no audio driver. This started to look promising as the gpu wasn't crashing until ~2 minutes in after logging in Windows.


The 2nd step would be to try and figure out what or when or why it crashes, Windows generates the memory dumps, but not everyone knows to read them, nor have the time to do that.


So my way of doing things and save some time was to use Event Viewer that comes with Windows 10 and create a Custom View for apps that crashed.


Here's how you can also do it:

1. Press start and start searching for Event Viewer.

2. Open it.

3. On your right hand you will have actions, press "Create Custom View".

4. Set the following:

 - Event Levels: Critical, Error, Warning

 - By Log:  

    - Check Windows Logs -> Applications

    - Check Appliactions and Services Logs -> Hardware Events


5. Press OK and give it a name.(for example Summary of errors)

6. Press OK again and you will find it in custom views.


Now every time you have a freeze, when you restart you have high chances of finding an error caused by an incompatible app.


My Specs: 

1. ASUS Prime B450-PLUS - latest version found on BIOS/Utilities page on for this motherboard

2. AMD Ryzen 2700X with the RGB Wraith Cooler - No overclocks/underclocks

3. Gigabyte Radeon RX 5700 XT Gaming OC 8GB (GV-R57XTGAMING OC-8G05/11/19)

4. Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-3000 C15 BK DC - 16GB

5. Intel 660p SSD M.2 NVMe  and 2 other SSDs through SATA

6. Corsair RM750 750W Modular Gold 80+ PSU


After around 40-50 BSODs/ Freezes and Resets this is the list of apps that the GPU panicked when opened:


1. All Gigabyte software (AORUS, XTREME ENGINE)

2. RGB Fusion, RGB Fusion 2.0

3. Xbox Game bar.

4. ASUS Suite 3

5. MSI AfterBurner

6. AMD Radeon Settings.

7. AMD ReLive

8. AMD WattMan

9. AMD Metrics options & AMD Overlay

10. AMD/Corsairs Wraith CPU RGB controller

11. Fraps

12. Riva

13. Any FPS counter/ Overlay that is not Steam or Ubisoft or proprietary to a game launcher (haven't tested with Origin or Epic)

14. Google Chrome -latest version - after 2 minutes if you don't disable any hardware acceleration under chrome://flags

15. PassMark Performance Test the moment it tries to scan for the GPU.

16. Mozilla Firefox -latest version- (it doesn't even start, just straight up crashes the GPU or the app creates a log into the event viewer and it's like I never really opened it)

Basically, any program that scans (?) in a specific way the GPU or tries to access its "settings" will crash the driver.



Shockingly, and the reason I still haven't returned this hardware is that the hardware itself works brilliantly, but the topping which is advertised and promised is missing.


All the games will work perfectly if you turn off any old / legacy support for graphics (such as FXAA, booted GTA V with FXAA, max ~20 FPS, stuttering and it felt like it was running on a Nvidia 730M(yeah I owned a laptop with it), disabled FXAA and o lord and behold the 144+ FPS butter smoothness )


This won't guarantee you no BSODs, you will still get BSODs/Freezes from time to time, but it will give you enough time between them that you won't want to take the fork and the torches out and storm AMDs HQ.


Oh yeah, also every time the PC is put to sleep it's like it is euthanized , not put to sleep, cause the GPU never gives any signal to the PC until I reset.


Also, I've tried with both 1 line of power from the PSU and 2 separate lines of power from the PSU to the GPU, no difference there