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radeon vii extreme slow restart and shutdown windows 10

Question asked by diohas on Sep 26, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2019 by diohas

After installing video driver on windows 10 clean install, stable z390 system, restart and shutdown 3-5 min, wen i delete video drivers its all ok, super fast. Im not noob, ram its ok, bios setting its ok(I try all variants), windows fast start is OFF. multiply metods of installing amd drivers not help, il try all vbios, not help. in windows 7 its all ok, fast restart and shutdown with last video drivers. windows 10 SUPER SLOW restart and shutdown after installing last drivers, and old drivers to. IM DONE WITH REINSTALING WINDOWS 10, AMD HELP, FIX YOUR DRIVER, WINDWOS 7 DRIVER WORK PERFECT.