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Problems with 5700xt

Question asked by phin46 on Aug 9, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2019 by lauralaw

So I have recently built a new PC and have been having some issues. Often times on restart my PC will get stuck trying to boot and not display any output to the monitor. When  this occurs the VGA debug led on my motherboard will be lit (according to the mobo manual this means the graphics card is not functioning properly). My event viewer is filled with WHEA corrected hardware errors and I have had several BSODs. Furthermore, I have had to reinstall win10 several times as it seems to corrupt sometimes. One some occasions I experience green color corruption when resuming windows from sleep mode (I will add a video to better communicate what I mean).


I have tried to,


- reinstall windows many times

- used DDU to reinstall drivers and always keep the latest drivers

- updated BIOS to latest version

- chnged PCIE version from 4.0 to 3.0

- moved from nvme ssd to 7200 RPM drive

- tried various RAM configurations enabling/disabling XMP

- installed  latest chipset drivers from AMD


In addition to these issues I have started to experience microstutter in cs go. Normally I get 280 frames on max settings constantly but it not fluctuates between 100 and 290 producing microstutter.


I do not know whether I have a more serious hardware issue and have to RMA some components or if this is just a driver bug and I am paying the so called early adopters tax.



Motherboard: Aorus x570 pro wifi

CPU: 3900x

GPU: 5700x

PSU: Corsair RM 650x

RAM: Corsair 3200Mhz 2x16GB kit 

HDD: 7200 RPM 

SSD: Samsung 970 EVO Plus



* Changing PCIE 4.0 to 3.0 in my BIOS has fixed the boot issue, BSOD issue and the WHEA corrected hardware issues. I will update if they resurface.


* Updated drivers to 19.8.1 (used DDU to remove old ones first)


* As of right now, certain steam games (CSGO for example) fail to launch giving me a "failed to create D3D device error". Simply resetting WattMan setting to default seems to allow me to launch the game once before the issue resurfaces. Moreover, I still experience stuttering in CS GO.