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Journeyman III

Dell S3220DGF and RX 5700XT - problem with color depth (only 6-bit available)

I have a problem with my Dell monitor and AMD graphic card. From the very beginning (I bought monitor and card in January this year) I could not set 10-bit of color depth when 164 Hz mode was active, but recently (about 1 week ago) I noticed that I could not set even 8-bit of color depth, only 6-bit can be set. Also in Windows settings of monitor I'm not able to set HDR on (it is greyed), but previously I was able to do that. It is quite strange, because I changed nothing in last few weeks - hardware and software are exactly the same. I reinstalled Adrenaline, reset all settings but nothing helps. The only thing that I noticed is that when I'm changing monitor mode from 164 Hz to 60 Hz (in Windows settings of the monitor), 8-bit and 10-bit can be set (also HDR works fine).

The monitor and also graphic card support 10-bit, so it should be able to set those settings. Did anyone facing similar problems and know solutions? I will be very grateful for the help.


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