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Undervolting the XFX RX 590 "Fatboy" cards

Question asked by rawintellect on Jul 25, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2020 by wth

These cards are notorious for overheating and in my quest to find a way to run these cards cooler I've found what works for me. Note: I say for me. Your mileage may differ, but I'm sharing in the hopes that I can help someone else.


Basically my values for power states 3 & 4 are 1100mV, 5 is 1105mV, and 6 & 7 are 1110mV and my power limit is actually pushed up a little to +7%. I also have the memory timings set to Level 1.

I'm able to play "The Division 2" for as long as I want now with no crashing and temperatures were lowered by 10-20c. 

Put in practical terms, under load, my card never rises above 60c, which is a dramatic improvement over the near 80c I was seeing at stock settings along with frequent crashes.


I should also note that I have both of my cards fans running flat out. I'm honestly not worried about fan failure. In my 37 years of building computers I've only seen one fan fail and that was a case fan. I've never seen a video card fan fail, and to be honest by the time the fan WOULD fail I would have moved on to another video card anyway. The noise doesn't bother me as I can barely hear it. 


I'm sure these settings aren't for everyone and being that this is the internet I'm sure this will spark all kinds of rebuttals, but I really just wanted to help out someone in a similar situation as me. I've attached my working Wattman profile as well as some screenshots.