Problem with Vega11 Ryzen 3400G Graphic drivers

Discussion created by miwo1604 on Jul 15, 2019
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Completely new system.

New MSI B450M Gaming Plus Mainboard

New Ryzen 3400G processor.

New 16GB Ram and SSD and nowthing else. 380Watts Antec Power supply.


At first everything works. Flashed new Beta Bios from MSI. Works. Windows 10 Pro Clean install okay.

Installing chipset driver... display is blue and staying blue. System is booting but no signal to Display in Windows.

Only solution is to restart windows in safe mode and unistall Vega 11 Diplay driver so sytem switches back to Intel drivers.

Tried the newest catalyst from AMD website.

Tried to install all Windows updtes first and then the driver... Bluescreen.

Tried to unistall Intel driver first and the Vega11 driver.... Bluescreen.

Tried another display with DVI... no Signal in Windows.


Tried old MSI Bios (was compatible with 3400G!) and... Bluescreen.

Inbetween I have done around 6 Windows10 clean installs. Sorry AMD but actual launch for these new processors is a little messy.