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Journeyman III

AMD Radeon Wattman Solution

I encountered the Wattman problem a year ago and when I found a solution I decided to record a video on how to solve it for other people. My videos totaled 5,000 views in a year, which isn't much, but the video is in Russian.
A lot of people encounter with Wattman problem and some of them from talking to me are forced to give up AMD video cards in favour of Nvidia because they are sure there are no such problems there.
However, it is possible that AMD will consider my appeal and be able to study my proposed method and distribute it in the community, or make adjustments to the AMD driver software to reduce the chance of getting a Wattman error, which partially or completely prevents the use of the video card.

Solution method:
Reduce the voltage on the video processor and video memory by 50, if that's not enough, then another 25.
Reduce the frequency video processor and video memory frequency by 50, if that's not enough, reduce by another 25.

I'm sure Radeon can come up with a smarter solution to this problem with Wattman, but my statistics show that when people have contacted me, my way has helped them 90% of the time.

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