Strange Blue Artifacts

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Hi guys,


This is pretty long winded so try to bare with me.


The Problem:


For the past few weeks sometimes when I boot my computer and log into windows there is a strange blue artifacting, almost like sand. Restarting the computer or even changing my resolution seemed to fix it, however lately it's happening a lot more often, multiple times a day. It mainly affects windows rather than applications and I can almost force it to happen by loading a game then alt tabbing enough times for it to happen. The same is true for getting rid of the artifacts, if I alt tab enough they go away. I think there may be a problem with the resolution as a guess? I have a 4k TV as a monitor but I run everything in 1920x1080 and use 150% scaling in Windows. Here is a video of the problem:




Just a side note - is the GPU usage dropping down to 0% an issue?


What I have tried:


I've gone through most troubleshooting steps I could think of:


  • Updating Windows from 1809 > 1903, still persists, if anything it happens more often
  • Updating video card drivers from 19.3 > 19.5 > 19.6, each time using DDU in safemode and not connected to the internet. However once the drivers finish installing the final confirmation screen has a green overlay which disappears upon restart
  • Ran SFC /Scannow, no issues found
  • Updated NetFramework and Visual
  • Safe mode, I am unable to recreate the problem in Safe mode by changing the resolution, however I am yet to try a game in it
  • Benchmarks/Games - I can play most games on max with no issues, but once I alt tab the issues start. I have ran Heaven, 3DMark, Kombustor, I am unable to find any artifacts in there
  • GPUMemTest - Result are fine
  • Different Cable/Ports I have tried a different HDMI cable in different slots on both the card and the TV, problem remains.
  • Reseating
What I have not tried:


  • Different Monitor/System, I only have and have access to one monitor and one computer, I'm unable to test with anything else
  • Reinstalling Windows, I'd rather see what you guys think before I try this.


  • Gigabyte H110M S2H
  • i5 6500
  • RX580 8GB
  • 2x8GB DDR4
  • 2TB HDD
  • 128GB SSD
  • EVGA 600w White
  • Windows 10 Pro 64bit
  • Toshiba 55T6863DB
The system is around three years old except for the GPU which is two years old, I have never overclocked. I'm really not an expert and I hope this isn't the case but this points to a faulty GPU in my opinion. The fact that the artifacts are waiting for me once I log into Windows when there is no stress or high temperatures, however it seems to function fine until I install the drivers and the fact that I can play games for hours, for example Hitman 2 on almost max in DX12 with no issues but as soon as I alt tab it begins in Windows is a complete mystery. I hope you guys can give me some insight and help me fix this issue.




Managed to get a 2nd TV to test on, the results can be seen here:


The short of it is:


  • Artifacts on main TV
  • Plug into a different TV
  • Artifacts gone
  • Plug back into main TV
  • Artifacts are now gone?