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Pc freezes when installing amd display driver

Question asked by 71abdelrhman27 on May 30, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2019 by justaquestion123

My pc was working just fine and i had the latest amd drivers installed and i could update them and reinstall them without problems so one day i reinstalled windows 10 (i was playing the same day on the amd gpu before i reinstall it and it was working fine) so after i reinstalled the windows i downloaded the latest amd drivers and when i install it it works fine untill it starts installing the amd display driver the pc gives me a bsod saying thread_stuck_in_device_driver and then it restarts and everytime it gets to the login screen it gives me the same bsod untill it restarts 3 times and boots into the advanced startup options so i have to go into safe mode and uninstall the drivers and then my pc works just fine and i installed windows 8 and when i install the drivers it works fine and it completely installs it but when i attempt to launch a game or anything it gives me a black screen for a couple of seconds and then says amd display driver has stopped working and successfly recovered so i tried to install windows 10 again but this time when it starts installing the amd display drivers once it installs it the whole pc freeze even the keyboard so i have to force shut it down with the power  button and i attemped the following fix  but it didn't work so please can anyone help me!

1. download amd 15.11.1 catalyst driver and install it.
2. restart your computer. 16.2.2 driver and then install it.
NOTE:.DONT RESTART YOUR COMPUTER.You will get stuck while restarting(happened everytime in my case)

4.shutdown your computer, turn on your computer and then restart your computer. go to the amd setting and check for amd on the 17.4.3 recommend update and update it.
7.when it ask for restart dont restart immediately first check in task manager if ur amd manager still working in the background(trust me while it show completed it was still intstalling).

8.after then repeat 4 step.