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    Radeon R7 M265 Driver Incompatability on Windows 10



      I have an Acer Aspire E1-572G laptop with a Radeon R7 M265 GPU. After reinstalling Windows on it , i could't get any driver to work. Every single driver i tried  resulted in my Laptop freezing in the middle of the instalation. I have tried third party driver upgrade softwares [Driver Booster 5 , Driver Easy] and all of them arrived at the same result. Please help! Any advice is welcomed.



      Acer Aspire E1-572G-7450161TMnll [SNID:41502376034]

      Laptop specs:

      CPU: Intel Core i7 4500U @1.8 Ghz

      GPU: 2GB Radeon R7 M265

      RAM: 16 GB DDR3 @1600

      Storage: 1 TB Wd Black WDC10JPLX-00MBPT0

      OS: Windows 10 Home x64

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          i had the same issue

          use leshcat driver to install redeon setting <== this will help programs to understand that u are using AMD GPU not intel

          then install catalyst driver to edit setting of games and etc

          if u need help i can help u any time on Telegram :: Telegram: Contact @lol_ahz

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            I already figured out why it wouldn't work. It was a hardware conflict. I had to install an old Catalyst 13.something driver from Acer's website that would temporarily "disable" the iGPU to let the driver to install.Once that's finished  The Catalyst driver won't open bcus the screen is hard wired to the igpu (even tho the display connection on the motherboard is closer to the Amd gpu). After that, i install Radeon Settings 17.2.1 (Bcus  for some reason it gives me more settings than if i just directly installed the latest driver ) and then use the built in update utility to update the driver to the newest version. After that go into Device manager and reinstall /Reenable (or go to intel's website if clean install, bcus my laptop automatically installs and older version of the driver that i have to update manually) to re-enable the Intel GPU. Go in power settings to configure Switchable Graphics and Done. That's the pain that i need to go through when i reinstall windows, witch seems to happen way to often. I had too many hdds fail.They drop like flies ..