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S9000 and S9100 driver support for opencl

Question asked by jstateson on May 19, 2019
Latest reply on May 21, 2019 by higneter

Both of these devices function in an HP Z400.  Three on risers and one in the x16 slot.  Using the microsoft win10x64 recommended driver 15.201.2401-WHQL-FirePro which Microsoft will go get (just the drivers) and install by default.

Since it only gets drivers, I download the full package and install to get opencl.  It is dated 2015 and comes with an old clinfo.exe but works.

The drivers support the MSI afterburner which allows me to set the speed of the 9100 since it normally runs under about 450mhz and never gets near the 824mhz default speed.  With MSI (I do not know of any other tool) I can set the speed up to about 750mhz which is decent.  There is no heating problem on any of these boards.


Here is the problem.  The application I use it on generates about one out of 8 invalid results.  If I use a later driver such as




I can sometimes run for days w/o any invalid results.  This system calculates a result every 40 seconds per board.  This is not a mining system as you might guess, but is mapping structures of stars in the Milkyway system.

However, those drivers to not fully support the cards.  In particular MSI cannot configure the S9100.


Although I do not have 2019 server, I was able install the following on win10x64 w/o error


however, my application (opencl) did not recognize any GPU so it didn't work.


I tried taking the amd_opencl64.dll from the above packages and putting it at \system32\opencl.dll and also at sysWOW64 but my app crashed.  I assume I cannot just substitute a newer opencl library and still use the drivers dated 2015.


Any insight?


Thanks for looking!