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Is Soc voltage increase needed for overclokcing *only* the CPU?

Question asked by aerophone on Apr 16, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2019 by aerophone

Hi! Long time lurker but first time poster.

Do i need to increase SoC voltage to overclock only the CPU. I tried to research about it on the net but every forum i visit always relates Soc voltage with memory OC, so  i couldn't arrive to a conclusion about effects of Soc voltage related exclusively to CPU oc. I'm getting a hard time stabilizing a Ryzen 2600 at 4.0ghz @1.3v. I'm using a Wraith Prism and memory currently at default 2666. Already getting 82ºC in stress testing so i'm reluctant into increasing Vcore even more.

Soc voltage is at default (set by motherboard) 0.87volt.