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HD8870M generates Picasso-like avantgarde pictures instead of 3D models... :(

Question asked by dunadan94 on Feb 28, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2019 by kingfish

So, I have a DELL Inspirion 17R laptop with an AMD HD8870M video card in it. Windows 8.1 is running. I had to reinstall my video card drivers, I used the latest version found on


Unfortunately it turned out not so well, all 3D programs (games, and Autodesk Inventor - seen on the pictures) are generating images where vertex points seem to be all over the place. In Inventor, switching between zoom levels sometimes turn off, or turn on these vertex-horrors.


-Windows is up-to-date.

-AMD driver was reinstalled 3 times, with no effect.

-The driver found on the official DELL website is long obsolate (2014 or 2016 I think), it does not even install (installation exits with a success, asks for reboot, after reboot, error message says that no driver is installed for AMD video card). 

-There is an integrated Intel HD graphics card in the laptop also, but it can't generate the issue, because if I uninstall AMD driver, and thus, prevent the AMD card to start up, everything is fine (except being horribly slow).

Please help me fix this issue, it makes working in Inventor a psycho-horror-story....