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Ryzen 2700x processor came off with stock cooler, pins broke

Question asked by shiva90 on Feb 2, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2019 by elstaci

I have a 2700x,I was trying to replace the cooler with another one. It wouldnt come off so I twisted it a bit  and lifted the cooler. For my surpise, there was no procesor inside the socket. when I looked under the cooler, it was there, glued to the cooler and slipped into the cabinet. hit few places and broke off two pins and bend few. 
I called up the India, office, bangalore . Explained everything and told them the situation clearly. . They told me to send it through RMA,  it took around 10 days to get the RMA confirmed and I couriered it.  After all this, they rejected it and send me a mail saying "we have received the cpu against subject RMA in pin missing/pin damage condition."
I do have a couple of computers at my house and have built many for both work and personal purposes. never happened anything like this to me.  I would like to know why the socket lock is not working at times and why my RMA is rejected as this issue got more to do with security. 

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RMA# 2000255503