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Journeyman III

Gigabyte x370 and Ryzen 2700x processor

Gigabyte x370 motherboard does not recognize the Ryzen 2700x processor. I would have updated the bios, but the card does not initialize.

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If you don't have the minimum BIOS Version installed to run the Ryzen 2700X, it will not boot into BIOS. You would need to install and update the BIOS first if you don't have the correct BIOS Version installed. Some of the newer Motherboard's you can update the BIOS using a USB Flash drive in a special USB Port on the Motherboard without booting up.

Since you didn't mention your computer specs, as an EXAMPLE ONLY, found this Gigabyte X370 Motherboard: GA-AX370-Gaming 5 (rev. 1.0) | Motherboard - GIGABYTE U.S.A.

For the Ryzen 2700X it needs to have minimum BIOS Version F20 installed for the motherboard to recognize the CPU and boot up.

AMDRyzen 7 2700X8C/16T3.7GHz / 4.35GHz4MB16MBN/APinnacle Ridge12nmB2105W


The latest BIOS version for this motheboard is version F25:

8.53 MB
  1. Update AGESA
  2. Improve performance on Athlon 200-series APU
Note: Update AMD Chipset Driver or latest version before update this BIOS.
If you have the correct BIOS installed then it could be your RAM Memory is not compatible with the Ryzen CPU or you have some other Hardware issue.
Make sure you have all the Motherboard Power cables connected including the CPU Power (Usually a 8 pin connector) and CPU AUX (usually a 4 pin connector) Power cables connected. If you didn't connect the CPU Power cable the computer will not boot up.
Just guessing until you give more information about your Computer setup and any Error Codes that appears on your Motherboard when powered on.
If it is a issue concerning the wrong BIOS installed and need to update it to get the Ryzen CPU recognize then you have a few choices:
1) Update manually using a USB Flash drive by following the Motherboard's manual and downloading the latest BIOS version and installing it. If your Motherboard supports and has this feature.
2) Take it to the retailer where you purchased the Motherboard and see if they can update for you.
3) Use an older supported CPU to update the BIOS
4) Put in a AMD request for a BOOT KIT. AMD will send you a old APU to install so that you will be able to update the BIOS. But this can take longer than a week to get the BOOT KIT.
If it isn't a BIOS issue than you need to start troubleshooting and posting any Motherboard Errors that show up. You can disconnect everything from the motherboard except the CPU, GPU, PSU, and one stick of RAM Memory and see if it boots up.
But you first need to post more information for other Users to be able to help you.

Thanks for the answer.

I downloaded the latest BIOS, the F25, but I can not upgrade because the motherboard does not boot.

I saw that some Gigabyte models update directly via USB, without processor and without memory, through a white USB port, but this model does not.

I'll try to find an older processor to upgrade.


Gigabyte has several X370 motherboards. YOU NEED TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE RIGHT MAKE AND MODEL AND VERSION MOTHERBOARD BIOS otherwise you will ruin your motherboard if you install the wrong BIOS from a different model.

Mine was just an EXAMPLE since you didn't mention the exact Make & Model of your motherboard. IF the one I posted is the same Make & Model and version of the motherboard you have now then you can use F25 otherwise go to Gigabyte Support and download the latest for your exact Motherboard.

Good luck.