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      My HP Ryzen laptop (ryzen 5 2500u) has been throttling running prime95.  It goes upto 3+gigahertz then down to 1.6 gigahertz within 5 minutes!  This is unacceptable.  i'm using hwinfo64 to check in addition to handbrake. This occurs on both HP and Dell laptops:


      If it's AI SenseMI , can users disable it?  temperature goes up to 70 degrees then underclocks to 1.6gigahertz running at 55 degrees celcius.





      Dell Inspiron 15 5575 Laptop: Ryzen 2500U, 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD - Page 4 - Slickdeals.net

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          stopryzenlaptopfromthrottling, this is a user forum.  I do not work for AMD and I suspect most here also do not.  Please open an AMD Online Support Ticket to talk to AMD.  Please post a screenshot of Ryzen Master (RM).  Only RM reports the valid temperature and other applications are suspect (hwinfo64 probably the worst).  There is an image icon at the top of the reply window to post images and external links are not necessary.  I do not have a clue what AI SenseMI is.  I would suggest stopping the throttling is a bad idea leading to processor failure.  Perhaps AMD can tell you how to kill your processor.  I suspect the real culprit is the LT vendors for providing a cooling system insufficient to cool your system.  They are the ones to complain to, in my opinion!  I am not an OCer, but RM may help you to set some parameters to increase performance.  Please spend some time with it.  Enjoy, John.

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            The problem is your laptop is overheating to the point that Ryzen needs to throttle to prevent damage or shutting down the computer.  The throttling or shutting down the Computer/Laptop is a safety feature built in to the CPU and can't be bypassed.


            Prime95 is known to put extreme stress on the CPU causing it to overheat without adequate cooling.


            Make sure your laptop vents are clean and the laptop fans are functioning correctly.


            I would suggest to open a HP Support Ticket and find out how you can configure BIOS to make the CPU run cooler under load or how to make the laptop run cooler. Also see if they have a newer APU driver for your Ryzen.

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                You didn't read nor understood my post:  "70 degrees then underclocks to 1.6gigahertz running at 55" and this happens after 5 minutes.  and remains at 55 degrees!  this is absolutely unacceptable.

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                    stopryzenlaptopfromthrottling, if you absolutely insist on melting your processor, you could try to find PROCHOT in BIOS and disable it.  Very bad idea!  I am sure it will void your AMD warranty although I cannot speak for AMD.  Enjoy, John.

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                      I read your Post but is obvious I didn't understand except the CPU seems to be throttling at 70C and therefore lowers the CPU speed to try and lower the temperature within the Operating temperatures of the laptop.


                      But you are saying that after the CPU throttles the speed, The CPU stays at that lower speed no matter what the temperature or load is on the CPU afterwards? If this is wrong maybe you can clarify your post with more details.


                      If that is the case I can see why you are upset.  The laptop will become very slow due to the very low CPU speed.


                      You are correct. AMD Overclocking software like AMD Ryzen Master won't install or work in laptops.


                      I am not sure if this thread is similar to yours or not. But it involves the Ryzen CPU being locked at a very low speed when the laptop is on battery: AMD Ryzen 5 2500U locked to 400MHz on battery . If it isn't just ignore it, but I mentioned it because it does involve a HP Laptop.

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                          This was an email sent since December.  AMD appears to know about this from the below and other URL threads I've listed in the original message, so this is an known issue!  AMD needs to step up and fix this!  And no, it is not a cooling issue because the fan does not run full speed!!  the fan rpm goes lower and lower because the temperature goes lower and lower and remains at 55 celcius and the frequency is totally underclocked.    If you have a  laptop Ryzen 5 or even a ryzen 3 of the u series, run prime 95 to do a stress test and install hwinfo64 and test it yourself.  


                          Guess what, just before I was going to do a 2nd return of this HP Notebook - 15-db0069wm to Walmart, I checked and there appears to be a new bios since 1/15/2019, but this bios seems to be about adding support for to windows 10s.


                          HP Software and Driver Downloads for HP Printers, Laptops, Desktops and More | HP® Customer Support


                          I didn't hear squat from HP technical support that a new bios is available nor AMD though I'm the guy who reported and complained about this issue.  shitty customer support if you ask me!  I use to work in customer support myself.


                          The fan goes full speed when I flash the bios, so why can't HP / AMD have the fan run at full speed if there's a need??  clearly, somebody crippled this system!  if HP / AMD is worried about the laptop being noisy, at least give users the option to configure the performance of the laptop, noisy vs. quiet but don't just force users to accept crippled performance.


                          Tested the laptop after the bios flash and same damn issue.  This is the 2nd AMD Ryzen laptop that is going back to Walmart!  It has been a complete waste of my time!


                          Here's the original AMD email and reply thread:


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                          See attached picture. HP for whatever reason is crippling the Ryzen 5

                          2500u by providing less wattage than the 15 watts. Underload in Prime95,

                          the watt usage goes from 11 watts down to 6 watts and remains there. You

                          can also see temperature as well in the attachment that is well within safe

                          limits. Is HP being paid off by Intel to throttle the Ryzen chip? =) The

                          i3-8xxxu kicks Ryzen 5 2500u's behind, also by HP. Can someone explain to

                          me why when the cpu is underload [i ment underclocked while underload?], wattage usage actually drops from 11

                          watts down to 6??? this is insane. Can you guys work with HP to get this

                          resolved with hp model db0069wm before I'm forced to return it? i really

                          wanted to like it, and I spent a lot of time trouble shooting it, and this

                          is the end result.


                          see attached picture.

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                            do  you really think that I would be running Prime95 and stress testing this cpu on a battery??  are you kidding me??? 

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                                Of course not. If you understood what I wrote, I mentioned that it was similar in the respect the Ryzen CPU got locked at a low speed. I also mentioned if it doesn't apply to your case to IGNORE IT.


                                But just for your information, Some of the Users in that link was able to fix the problem through a Laptop BIOS update.


                                Since you seem to have issues with my answers I let others tend to this thread.


                                Good luck!

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                                But you are saying that after the CPU throttles the speed, The CPU stays at that lower speed no matter what the temperature or load is on the CPU afterwards? If this is wrong maybe you can clarify your post with more details.


                                If that is the case I can see why you are upset.  The laptop will become very slow due to the very low CPU speed."


                                YES, this is EXACTLY what i'm saying  that it REMAINS stupidly underclocked!!!  totally unacceptable. and it's known months and months ago.. read the links on my original post.  if you were in my shoe, you'd be completely pissed.  no doubt about it!