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    Can AMD FX 770K CPU be replaced by Athlon 4X 845 CPU ?


      Can AMD FX 770K CPU be replaced by Athlon 4X 845 CPU in Lenovo Erazer X315?  I received a new Athlon 4X 845 CPU via Amazon yesterday and PC won’t boot with new CPU.  Fans come on but power light off.  Reinstalled FX 770K CPU and all is good!

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          Both processors use the same socket (FM2+) but, it really depends on the motherboard and the system BIOS that Lenovo is using.

          Check with Lenovo's support/forums to see if the system BIOS allows for the processor swap.

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            I determined that there were no compatibility problems after contacting Lenovo.Tech Support!  After I notified AMD Tech Support I received the following (ridiculous) reply...

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            I understand you are having query related to the compatibility of Athlon processor in Lenovo erazer X315.

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            Thanks for contacting AMD

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            RE: Athlon X4 845 Compatibility

            I checked with Lenovo Tech Support and they sent me the X315 Hardware Maintenance Manual PDF. There is no reason for the Athlon™ 4X 845 CPU not to work! The AMD Athlon™ X4 750 is specifically listed in the Maintenance Manual as one of the many supported AMD CPU’s for the X315. There are no restrictions on any AMD FM2+ socket CPU’s 95W or less. It looks like my CPU is just DOA, but it cannot be returned to vender. Vendor has no more in stock. The new heat-sink/fan works great! What do I need to do to return the dead 4X 845 for exchange under warranty?

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