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screens go black for 2 seconds

Question asked by filthypeasantnl on Dec 17, 2018



I hava an issue with my rx 580 8g from xfx, when i start a graphicly demanding aplication (it does not matter if its fullscreen or not) one or both of my screens goes black for 2 seconds, and then comes back.

I at first thought this was a issue with my software, so I have reinstalled windows (10) 2 times already with different coppys of the os.

Also I have tried different display port cables, still no change.


As of now I am unable to try 2 different monitors.

I would be realy happy if someone knows what im doing wrong, or how I could work around this problem.


The computer in question:

I7 4790k

RX 580 8gb xfx

22GB ram (mismatched but does not mather what ram I use)

2x AOC 28 L u2879VF LED H+D T6

Windows 10 pro ( i also tried win8.1 pro but there are no drivers for the 580 on win 8.1 )


thanks so mutch for reading, have a great day

- Jesse