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Ryzen Master does not start properly

Question asked by greyfang on Nov 29, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2019 by tastyratz


I am unable to get Ryzen Master to work at all.


Previously, I had a Ryzen 1700x installed and an old version of Ryzen Master running without problems.


I upgraded the CPU to a 2700x and the first thing that happened was that Ryzen Master told me that it was not compatible with that processor.


No problem ... I downloaded the newest version and installed it.


Now, when I start Ryzen Master, it shows me the outline of where a window would be (it is transparent, so I do not know what the contents would be) and then it just disappears, without ever starting Ryzen Master properly.


I updated the Chip drivers and the BIOS to the latest versions.


Sort of at a loss as to what to do now. I do want to set the clockspeed to a constant 4100 Mhz.


My setup:

  • Asus MB 370x-Pro / 32 GB RAM / 2 x 1 TB SSD / Win10 Pro 64bit (latest update) / Ryzen 7 2700x


Any ideas?