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Windows 7 x64 freezes when I install RX470 Driver

Question asked by donoskar on Nov 16, 2018
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Windows 7 Professional Edition x64

Intel i7-3930k CPU 3.20GHz

16.0 GB Ram

279GB Hard Drive

x79 extreme4 Motherboard


I have recently recieved a Radeon RX470 GPU as a gift and am trying to install it, replacing my Geforce ti 560. I used DDU to uninstall any graphics drivers, turned off my computer, and physically installed to graphics card. When I turned my computer on, it started up fine and the new GPUs fan was running & lights were on. I then downloaded the newest AMD driver for my card, and proceeded to install. Everything seemed to be going fine, the installation finished and I was prompted to restart my computer. I did so, and once I reached the "please wait..." screen before the account selection screen on windows, my computer hard froze. I shut it down and booted it up in safe mode, where it did not freeze. The driver seemed to be installed as my device manager was now recognizing the GPU. I uninstalled the driver, hoping it was simply a corrupt download, and booted my computer up again. Since the driver was uninstalled, it did not freeze. However I wanted to be safe, so I used DDU again to make sure it was totally uninstalled. This also caused my computer to freeze. I shut down, booted up, no freeze. I attempted to install the driver one more time. This time it froze while the driver installer was detecting my device. I looked up to see if there were any incompatibilities, and there are none. I thought maybe this was a hardware issue, but the freezes only happen when AMD driver files are being dealt with. I do not experience anything of this sort when I have my geforce gpu installed, which I do as of now. Does anybody have any idea what is going on here?