NITRO Laptop Overclockers Guide...

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This will be my last post for I have finally been picked up.

silcon conformate coated pcb's with full 99% static thermal distribution with over 250watt/250watt of active cooling split between both side of the video card and motherboard.

full liquid cooling with gallium support engaged lol...


no back to topic.


you have a laptop, YAY and your kind of tired of choppy villa mc 30min playtime before half framerate and shutdown or bluescreen.


what you need


a screwdriver,


aluminum or copper AIR ducting tape with a high grade thermal adhesive.



rubbing alcohol 50% is ok


This is a Dell Latitude E6540 my canvas... 3,014 passmark STARTing line


After tearing her apart, because she ran at 95c to 115c OMG,

Now all you need is good thermal paste I use kryonaut thermal grizzly. 12.7watt per mm vs 1.5-3watt per mm



Now make little heat spreaders for main heat source outputs, because they get heat washed out... by GPU/RAM and CPU

LAP the heatsink surfaces make them flat and smooth to help with die to heatsink seating. spread thin layers on both CPU/GPU/RAM chip surfaces and heatsink.

you also want to find washers for your spring tension screws to help in keeping consistent pressure.



Put heat spreaders on your ram


now if you do all the mods, you will see a awesome sauce response...


take a look.