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Adept I

7900 GRE performance

Hi, I'm having issues with this GPU in some games, like Far Cry 5, COD:MW 2007, Lost Ark or Ready or Not.


CS2, PUBG, R6 - these games are running smoothly with no issues or stutters. But other games are just disaster.


For example I did benchmark in R6 Siege, getting 446fps on average, but in Far Cry 5 I'm only getting 6fps on average, while game is telling me my drivers are out of date.image.png






Next up is Lost Ark and gameplay is just disaster because of those stutters. Tried different settings and resolutions but nothing worked for me. ( )


Even in old Call of Duty I wasn't getting lucky with my gameplay, while looking at trees i was getting around 200fps while my CPU and GPU utilization was arround 40-50%, but looking at structures, fps dropped to 20-50, while CPU and GPU utilization was at 5-10% ( )


Some games like Ready or not, Hogwarts Legacy won't even launch, RoN is stuck at black screen after launch, and Hogwarts Legacy will crash after loading shaders bar is arround 10%.


My HW:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 7600
GPU: Gigabyte Radeon 7900 GRE Gaming OC
RAM: G.Skill FLARE X5 32GB DDR5 6000 CL30
MB: MSI B650 Tomahawk
PSU: Coller Master GX III Gold 750W
DISK: Patriot M.2 P300 512GB
DISK2: WD Black SN750 1000GB


Does anyone getting similar issues, or is it just me?

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I have a 7900 XT also using Adrenalin 24.4.1 and normal benchmark results with Far Cry New Dawn. (don't have FC5 installed rn)

6 FPS sure it wasn't using the IGP of your 7600 to benchmark? You could try to disable the IGP in BIOS.


Far Cry® New Dawn2024-5-11-16-31-43.jpg

Ryzen R7 5700X | B550 Gaming X | 2x16GB G.Skill 3600 | Radeon RX 7900XT

I already turned off my IGP, but this didn't help at all, however turning off Radeon Anti-Lag helped me in some games with stutters. I will try to do clean Windows 11 reinstall tommorow, hopefuly it will help.


So full windows reinstall seems to fixed my issue, I don't know what was wrong as I bought this setup 2 weeks ago and did fresh windows installation on new ssd. But I'm glad it's working now


If your games hang when loading shaders then it is a CPU or RAM problem and not a GPU problem.

ASRock RX7900GRE Steel Legend, i5 13600K, Asrock Z690 PG Riptide, 32gb ddr4 4000mhz.

I already managed to load the shaders in Hogwarts Legacy, but I'm struggling with low fps, on high preset I'm getting only around 30fps, which is not much considering the specs i have


Try enable FSR quality .

ASRock RX7900GRE Steel Legend, i5 13600K, Asrock Z690 PG Riptide, 32gb ddr4 4000mhz.

I did full windows reinstall today and it fixed my fps/stutters issue, now running around 100fps in Hogwarts Lecacy on ultra preset and other games are okay too