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    ryzen 2700x with asus x470 prime pro under performing pls help




      I need urgent help guys i got my asus prime x470 pro with ryzen 2700x with stock wraith prism cooler



      RYZEN 7 2700X

      CORSAIR VENGENCE 8 X 2 C15 3000MHZ



      ATI FIRE PRO v3750


      The broad boots up ram is optimal running at 3000 mhz after enabling DOCP no issues , my main reason for creating this thread is that CINEBENCH scores are very low and i am very disappointed by the over all performance :(  , the scores are just under 1600 , where as the stock ryzen 2700x scores above 1700 in the reviews i saw at internet or different forums with this board , so i updated my bios from 0222 to latest 4024 but still after updating my bios i am still experiencing very bad performance the score went down to 1500 :(  and the temps are high too plus the cpu cooler speed had increased and increasing at just a single click on windows speeding again n again the idle temps at hw monitor showing 55 and in load it went to 85 , i dont knw what is the issues here , if i OC this 2700x the system crashes even just 3.8 ghz the system shuts down immediately on windows.


      I decided for AMD just because of its multi core performance but in my multicore performance i only got 3.4 ghz :(  all cores load, i am really pissed now , i herd that 2700x has very great multi core performance it boost up to all eight cores till 4 ghz stock . i saw the reviews there :( 


      Last night with very old bios that is 0222 the borad temps in 45 degree but after updating bios the system is in 65 degrees , i am stuck and didnt understand whts happening i cant oc this board due to it crashes , pls help guys what i am doing wrong here ?


      After testing all the new versions of bios I than downgraded to 0222 bios in this version system is stable but still in under performance , muti core ghz are still not going above 3.4 ghz and cinebench is still low but temps are good that r 45 degree idle . my issues is still not solved cant oc it to 4 ghz or 3.8 ghz , i am feeling failed here ! i wanted to run it stock but stock multicore performance is not upto the mark with my ryzen


      Ryzen stock multicore at cine bench easily gaves scores above 1700 ..... what wrong here ? should i claim my warranty ?

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          ammvfx, I think it is a little early to panic.  Please post a screenshot of Ryzen Master (RM).  It is the reference for CPU temperature and will tell us much more.  I recommend to do a Clear CMOS and run your benchmark and post a screenshot.  Do not make any changes to UEFI.  Make sure your OS (what ever that is - please tell us - use winver in command prompt) is seeing all your memory.  Here are your processor specifications:


          BTW, this is a user forum and I do not work for AMD.  Thanks and enjoy, John.