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R9 390 black screen, freeze.

Question asked by mrbull3tproof on Oct 6, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2018 by mack0y

Screen goes black, no video signal eventually/usually appears, computer freezes, hard reset by long holding power button, reset button doesn't work with that freeze.


Motherboard: GA-B85-HD3

CPU: i5 4670k not OC'ed

GPU: Gigabyte R9 390, cooled with arctic xtreme IV

RAM: 2 x 4GB DDR3

Driver: currently none, tested lastest and two previous

OS: win 7 x64

VBIOS: don't know, running on integrated Intel now due to inability to use AMD's


Happened few days ago. During playing R6:S (thisis not a game error problem) screen went black but "no video signal" didn't appear, PC seemed to freeze since there was no sound also, absolutelly no reaction to alt+f4, ctrl+alt+del. Thought it might be just game error (something like that din't happen before) tried to restart the game after hard PC reset. As soon uplay initiated the game start screen went black with some few colourful horizontal stripes visible for a fraction of second before that. After one more failed game start cleaned drivers with amd tool and updated the drivers. No effect. Cleaned with DDU and installed latest drivers, no effect. Installed some older drivers 18.3.x, no effect.

Then it got worse. Giving up on a game tried to simply browse reddit, watch some vids and black screen with PC freeze appeared as soon as I tried to open any streamable type vid. Then I tested PC located vid files. Black screen and freeze didn't occur with vid files played MPC but as soon I tried to play them with VLC screen instantly went black. Playing YT worked, tried Twitch - black screen, freeze(BSF). Tried some other websites with various type of"free" movies - BSF.

Gradually things got worse and worse. Finally "no video signal" started to appear, BSF started to appear both on YT and while playing vids with MPC, and finally started BSF as soon I loaded windows, even before "welcome" screen.

Starting win in emergency mode doesn't crash PC, all vids and websites work normally although playing content in worse quality obviously.

Eventually enabled integrated Intel GPU, installed its drivers, using it now, crashes and black screen stopped completelly, of course while using integrated only.

So.... my card is on it's way to the bin or it's more like software problem?