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    R9 390 and black screen problems



      I recently bought a Sapphire R9 390 gpu to replace a HD6970. The problem is I get black screens when I watch video or just idling at desktop. The only "fix" is to underclock the gpu when doing 2d stuff, by using a profile at MSI Afterburner. I have a second profile for gaming with stock settings.

      I have tried every Crimson driver there ever was, I even reinstalled windows, but the card can't handle full speeds at 2d.


      Will there be any fix for that?

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          That sounds like a faulty GPU, it is not expected behaviour.


          Have you tried older drivers? You did not mention which version you are using.


          You can try Catalyst 15.11.1 Beta.

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            OK, I will try the 15.11.1 beta and see.

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              amdmatt myself and many other guys already posted similar problem and solution in this forum for 390. Can it be really a faulty GPU memory outbreak at 390's? The black screens happens only when doing light tasks in browser because GPU memory spikes, but running heavy 3d games cause no problems. The major cause of black screen is when running browser like Firefox for hours, and decreasing Memory clock stop black screen in Firefox.


              I played Witcher 3, GTA 5, Forza... tested Furmark and all these heavy 3d games/benchmark cause no problem with stock memory clock at 1500mhz


              Then if it really is faulty GPU attacking many 390 out there you advise us to RMA it? Because running old driver 15.12 at Windows 8.1 caused no problems in Firefox but 16.1 and newers cause black screen with Memory Clock at default 1500mhz speed in Windows 8.1 and windows 10.


              I hope this problem is really GPU faulty because if after RMA'ing i dont want another card suffering same symptons and discover this is AMD driver problems.


              This problem is being posted for months in this forum and we got position from AMD yet.

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                15.11.1 still causing black screen.

                If the problems are that widespread, there should be an official statement and recall of all those faulty gpus

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                  If you search forum you will find some 390 owners relating black screen while browsing or doing light 2D tasks while heavy gaming being perfectly fine. For me using GPU without AMD driver, leaving with Microsoft standard driver stop 2D black screen too.


                  See some topics about same problem:



                  flicker and black screen

                  Firefox + Radeon Software causing system crash


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                    Yes, but using a non-AMD driver is hardly a solution.

                    Are those cards defective or there are driver issues or both? If the card is defective then I should RMA it while it is under guarantee.

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                      For all those affected by this issue, please submit a full bug report here so we can investigate further.

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                        If you can do RMA and give feedback if new card solve the problem or persist. If problem go away then we know is faulty GPU.

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                          1I am using ASUS R9 390 STRIX..... and I am getting same problem. Black screen happens somewhere in the middle of the night when no one is using PC. Or while I am doing some light tasks. I never crashed while in game, only once when I alt tabbed. This thing is driving me crazy. I submitted full bug report as you asked. After that I installed fresh Windows 10 64 bit. I left PC turned on whole night and I did not get black screen. After that I used it remotely over TeamViewer for 7 hours. When I came back home I found OS crashed.... So it crashed after 15+ hours of normal use, in the moment when no one used it . I used 15.11 drivers that came with Windows 10. Now I am using 16.5.3 drivers. Before reinstalling Windows I was using Windows 7 64 bit and 16.4.2 drivers.


                          I read one interesting thing on some other forum. Guy that had similar problem reported that he did not crash for over 7 days while in BIOS all that time. But he would crash in Windows. I don't have that much time to test it this way. I will have time for this in 1 month or so... But I rally hope this gets fixed soon because I use TeamViewer a lot and if there is no one at home to hard reset the PC when it crashes.... I am screwed.

                          I bought this card to change old HD 5870... that was not my original plan. I wanted to wait for Polaris but 5870 died after 5+ years of use.

                          I had to change power supply to be able to use 390... My Motherboard ASUS H97 PRO would shout down PC to save components from "unstable power supply". I had old PSU with only 600 W while ASUS is recommending 650w PSU for my new card. Now I am using 750W brand new PSU and motherboard does not turn off PC like before. I have spent so much money unexpectedly.... If my old 5870 did not die I would be using RX480 for only 200$... and I bet I would not see any of this annoying problems.




                          Just had crash with 16.5.3 drivers. Will test more and report here. Will try to use "Force Constant Voltage" and Disable ULPS options from MSI Afterburner.


                          EDIT2: "Force Constant Voltage" and disabling ULPS did not solve the problem. I crashed while using Chrome to browse youtube. Next thing to test is to turn off hardware acceleration in Chrome.


                          EDIT3: Disabling hardware acceleration did not help. Next thing to test is ClockBlocker or simillar utility.ASUS GPU Tweak lets you use 3D clocks all the time.


                          EDIT4: Locking clocks did not help it. I underclocked the card GPU -50MHz from 1050 down to 1000, Memory Clock -20Mhz from 6000 to 5980 and Power Target -10  from 100% to 90%. After underclocking system is much more stable. Only had 1 crash in 3 days so far.


                          EDIT5: It was placebo effect. PC crashed again, but this time after restart screen remained black. I switched to CPU integrated graphics and saw this error in even viewer:

                          The amdacpksd service failed to start due to the following error: A device attached to the system is not functioning. I had to unplug power cord from PC to be able to use my R9 390 again. Card is under warranty and I sent it back to the supplier.

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                            You can either RMA the card, or do what I have done with the 2 profiles in MSI Afterburner. See if that temporarily solves your problem.

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                              I can call "faulty" a gpu which never crashes under stress. There is an issue with the idle memory clock/voltage.

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                                do you have ur desktop in 4k resolution or anything higher than 1080p? and are u using a display port or an adapter? im having the same issue im using native 4k resolution at 60hz and its messing up like you said. specially when i play games it loses signal. First i makes these weird popping sounds then starts to make horizontal lines (rainbow color) then shuts off. This never happened before but these newer drivers messed it up and i tried going back to older drivers and it still does that. No matter what i do. I dont want to downclock it because thats just stupid to do if i got a powerful card. I got 2 r9 390s

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                                  I greatly appreciate your reports, this will help lots of people having this problem.

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                                    i actually fixed my problem by changing the RAM voltage  and mhz to default which is 1800 or 1866 then now i changed it back to 2400mhz and it has fixed it. I dont know how that did it but it did. I think AMD drivers messing with the bios settings.

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