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    amd rewards


      So I went here. Put in an order a few days ago.




      1. Purchase a qualifying product below. A code will arrive via email with download instructions.


      When is this email supposed to show up? Called Best Buy and they have no idea what I am talking about.

      The amd rewards web site will not let me ask a support questions. Doesn't work.

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          Yes, this code should be provided by Best Buy. Once you receive the code you can redeem it on the amdrewards web site for a link to the actual game key.

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              How do I get best buy to supply the code. My gtx card was delivered but no code.

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                I purchased a sapphire 11265-05-20g radeon pulse rx580 card from amazon and received a promo code for amd rewards for Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Strange Brigade, and Star Control Origins. I received the code yesterday (the 29th) and immediately made an account and tried to use the code. However, it said it was already redeemed. When I tried to submit a support ticket with a screenshot of my email from amazon proving it was just received on the 29th, I received an error telling me that my ticket could not be resolved. So, my code doesn't work and I can't submit a support ticket! Any help is appreciated!

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                  Hi @ray_m I already redeemed my code and received two of the games besides assassins creed. Will I receive be i5fore its release? Is there a way you can give me the activation code? I made a service request through support and my ticket number is 8200834398 if that helps thank you.

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                    I have gotten a Code and when I want to redeem it it says I Need to fill out a support ticket but this ticket Fails to be send all the time what can I do