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    Radeon Adrenalin 18.7.1 Chill Settings and FRTC in Game Profiles at game launch. Fix needed?




      I have been running Radeon Chill primarily on the games that are supported with Radeon Chill.
      I do not find that Radeon Chill works in a way that I can get power savings and acceptable frame rates with keyboard only input.
      I have been asking for more information regarding what is the list of supported and properly working games according to AMD.
      That discussion is here: Where can I find a list of games defined by AMD as supported and working properly by Radeon Chill in August 2018?

      I was asked by kingfish to invesitgate if an FRTC related bug was affecting Radeon Chill testing and results.
      For now I upload some screenshots and some basic information.


      I will have to update this post later with more information and explanation so please understand I am just capturing some data at this point.