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    2700x better cooling options for quietness and performance


      I am using the Wraith Prism with XFR2 and PB2 configuration with Windows (not ryzen) Balanced power plan. Performance is great.


      The CPU temps do jump around a lot. idle is 40 - 50 degrees celsius but when core boosting happens the processor spikes into the high 60's. The constant speed-up/slow-down of the cooler by my bios and the wraith prism noise is driving me a bit nuts. Would an AIO cooler or a better air cooler (e.g. Noctua) help keep temps down quietly? Or can anyone recommend a better fan curve configuration for my Asus x470 UEFI?


      I tried setting the fan curve to keep the RPM down until 60 degrees, but the CPU kept spiking into the 70's when I did this.


      Thank you!

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          Any bigger cooler would perform better than the stock Wraith, either IAO or heavy air cooler.
          The Wraith is already good for what a stock cooler can offer.
          Check also your case airflow, try to have a intake/exhaust fan.


          Maybe try to set the fan curve steps for different case usage.
          -From 30° to 50° idle, low load = from 500rpm to 1200rmp
          -From 50° to 60° medium load = from 1200rpm to 1800rpm
          -Above 60° heavy load = from 1800rpm to max


          I mean try to set the curve looking at the t° of you cpu depending the usage, at idle and low load, the cpu would hover around 40/50°.
          When you load the cpu with a game, task the fan goes up to the max, tho it have not to be the max if not needed.


          It depend on how much fan rpm the cooler need to keep the cpu under 65° full load.
          The lower this value is, the quieter the fan curve will be.

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            dude - if you really want a quiet PC invest 600-1000 bucks in a custom waterloop


            min 600er radiator push (360er in front - with min 1.5x airflow of combined top and back fans && 240er in top)


            or get an aircooler like Noctua NH-D15 or Thermalright SilverArrow-Extreme - but than your GPU will still do some noise!