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2700x better cooling options for quietness and performance

Question asked by ajw_ca on Jul 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2018 by benman2785

I am using the Wraith Prism with XFR2 and PB2 configuration with Windows (not ryzen) Balanced power plan. Performance is great.


The CPU temps do jump around a lot. idle is 40 - 50 degrees celsius but when core boosting happens the processor spikes into the high 60's. The constant speed-up/slow-down of the cooler by my bios and the wraith prism noise is driving me a bit nuts. Would an AIO cooler or a better air cooler (e.g. Noctua) help keep temps down quietly? Or can anyone recommend a better fan curve configuration for my Asus x470 UEFI?


I tried setting the fan curve to keep the RPM down until 60 degrees, but the CPU kept spiking into the 70's when I did this.


Thank you!