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Installing AMD driver on Windows 10 freezes it

Question asked by redberrysdm on Jul 8, 2018

Graphics card: R5 M200 / HD 8500M

Laptop: Lenovo G410

OS: Windows 10 Pro, version 10.0.16299 build 16299

Driver version installed: None. I can't install any AMD drivers, which led me to asking this question.

I've attached the dxdiag.txt for further information.


I have just recently reinstalled Windows 10 after a botched system reset that deletes all of the files including its own OS files. Long story short, I managed to reinstall it.
So now I'm in the middle of downloading all the drivers. Every other drivers managed to be successfully installed by the Windows' own updater, except AMD.

The AMD driver freezes my laptop. Not just the monitor, but it also seems to have disconnected the internet, as I can read the number of connected devices go down on my hotspot.

So I've tried AMD's autodetect software. No dice. Then I tried manually selecting the drivers and it led me into Mobile . I downloaded the 18.6.1 and the 18.5.1 and both still freezes my laptop.

I even tried using the Windows 8.1 version (the ReLive version) and it says "AMD installer cannot properly identify the AMD graphics hardware." But I never expected it to work anyway so it doesn't matter.

But now I'm out of options. I've tried following the suggestion in this Laptop freezes while installing AMD driver  thread. I've done SFC /SCANNOW (no problems detected), installed the NetFramework and Visual C++ 2013, and updating my Windows. It still freezes my laptop.


Is there any way I can fix this problem? Thank you in advance