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Laptop freezes while installing AMD driver

Question asked by tahayazici on Jul 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2020 by menyus420

Hi guys,


The problem occurs on a:

Asus Ultrabook S301LP

Windows 10 64-bit

Intel Core i7-4500 1.8GHz 2.4GHz


Radeon HD 8530M 2GB


So, everything was fine until AMD Radeon Settings notified me about the new driver update released on 28/07/2016. I tried updating, but it gave me a driver detection error. Then I wasn't able to open the AMD Settings anymore. Thus, I tried a clean update: removed everything about AMD from "Programs and Features", then downloaded and ran the AMD Uninstall Utility just to be sure. And then I tried the following 2 things and neither worked:

1. Download the auto detect utility to cleanly install the driver needed. The whole computer froze (including the mouse and keyboard) at 16%. !!!

2. Found the right driver version and downloaded it manually (without auto detection) and ran the installation. This time it gave me a black screen at 25%. !!!


I also tried disabling my antivirus (Kaspersky) while downloading / installing. I tried updating normally. I tried a clean update. I tried updating from Device Manager. Nothing...

And there are no drivers on ASUS's website for Windows 10 for the device.


Someone please help me out on this:( ! Looked in tons of forums, yet nothing! It is very disappointing because I owned many laptops, all with Nvidia Geforces and they all worked flawlessly but this is the only laptop with an AMD GPU, and it constantly has problems! Give updates, games, etc. !!

Awaiting your answers...